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Col L B D H S Lakshman










Colonel L B D H S Lakshman


Colonel L B D H S Lakshman was appointed as Colonel (Admin) of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force effective from 25 of Oct 2015.

Enlisted to the Sri Lanka Army on 26 of Jan 1987 and Commissioned in the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force on 27 of May 1987 and attached to 2nd Armored Corp on 28 of May 1987 as a Second Lieutenant On 5 th of August 1987 had been Amalgamating 2nd Aram Regiment & became 5th Sri Lanka Light Infantry Bn. He was duly promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (1990), Captain (1992), Major (1995), Lieutenant Colonel (2005) and Colonel on 17th August 2011.

This senior Officer counts over 28 years of distinguished service in the Army and took the office of the Col (A) of the Headquarters Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force on 05 November 2015.

He served a number of appointments in SL Army; Plt Commander (1987-1992) Company Commander (1992-1997), Second In Command 11 SLNG (1997-2000), Second In Command – RHQ Bn SLNG (2000-2005), Commanding Officer – 4 SLNG (2005- 2008), HQ SLAVF – G1 (2008-2009), Civil Affairs Officer 52 Division (2009-2012), Colonel Coordinating Officer – 57 Division Kilinochchi (2012-2015) and Colonel Coordinating Officer 24 Division – Ampara (From July 2015 Until October 2015).

Actively contributed in Counter Insurgency Operations 1988 & 1989, Civil war against the LTTE, was awarded East Humanitarian Operation Medal, North Humanitarian Operation Medal, North and East Operations Medal, Riviresa Operation Medal, Purna Bhumi Padakkama, 50th National Day Medal, 50th Army Anniversary Medal and Sri Lanka Armed Services Long Service Medal.

Colonel Lakshman had attended a number of local courses of academic and professional value including Platoon Comd Course – ITC Minneriya & CTS Ampara, Company Comd Course, SOP Course, 2IC Course – CTS Ampara, Certificate Course in Defence Of Media in Kalani Campus, Certificate Course Physiology – Institute of Sri Lanka Physiology.