The Sinhala & Hindu  New Year – Avurudu celebrations filled with fun, music and a variety of foods was celebrated on a grand scale at the Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force (HQSLAVF) on 11 April 2018 graced by Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force Major General Piyal Wickramaratne as the Chief Guest and attended by a large number of invitees, Senior Officers, Staff of the HQSLAVF and their families.

The Chief Guest who was given a warm reception was accompanied to the main stand by Major General L F Kasthuriarachchi Deputy Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force and Brigadier Wasantha De Abrew Principal Staff Officer. Afterwards, the National Flag was hoisted to mark the commencement of the event followed by the recital of the National Anthem and the Army Song.  The fallen War Heroes were remembered while maintaining a minute’s silence.

Avurudu which is rich in culture and tradition involves some interesting traditional games which have been popular among men and women of all ages. The organizers of Avurudu at HQSLAVF have arranged a variety of outdoor games for the participants in attendance. A few of commonplace entities in a pastoral environment; weda gedara, korale walauwa and village boutique etc. have been recreated at the site with their associations and important cultural items and rituals they entailed.

As the approach of the Aurudu was heralded by the unmistakable sign of very loud firecrackers, playing upon the raban and the flute echoed the entire environs. Children and the adults alike took part in the competitions and games with enthusiasm which facilitated the strengthening of relationships, ushering the sense of goodwill and friendship during the celebrations.

The events of the festival included traditional games such as pot-cracking, pillow fighting, climbing the greasy pole etc, an array of competitions that included tug of war, Aurudu Kumaraya and Aurudu Kumariya and display of Angampora by a team of artists.

The winners of the games and competitions were given away valuable gifts.

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