Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force proudly celebrated its 137th anniversary program which included a series of significant events at the Headquarters premises in Salawa Kosgama on 28th and 29th March 2018 graced by Commandant Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, Major General A P De Z Wickramarathne RWP ndu psc as the Chief Guest.

The Chief Guest was accorded with a guard turn out at the entrance to the camp premises by troops of Second Battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment. Subsequently, he was warmly welcomed by the Deputy Commandant Major General L F Kasthuriarachchi and ushered to the saluting dais of the parade ground where the anniversary parade was accorded in honour of the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force. The parade which consisted of squads from all the Regiments of the Volunteer Force was Commanded by Col A J Gunawardena RSP. The Chief Guest, on the invitation of the Parade Commander reviewed the parade as the stage was set to witness the day’s great event attended by Invitees, Principal Staff Officer, Centre Commandants of Sri Lanka Army National Guard and Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps along with Colonels Coordinating Officers, Senior Officers and the staff of the Headquarters.

Afterwards, the Commandant addressed the troops where he emphasized the strengths of the Volunteer Force as an organization comprised of 100 Battalions with approximately 65,000 troops and its enormous services to the Nation since its inception on 01 April 1881.

To mark the 137th Anniversary Day program of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, a sapling of jackfruit was planted and the Commandant and all Officers posed for a photograph.

The main religious ceremony was commenced on 28th March with an impressive perahera program organized by the Headquarters where the sacred casket and the piruwana pothwahanse were very respectfully carried to the Camp premises prior to All Night Pirith chanting. It was followed by offering of Alms to maha sangha in the morning on 29th March invoking blessings on all those who laid down their lives for the Motherland, wounded in action, all those serving in the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force and the ex-servicemen of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force.

The 137th Anniversary Day program of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force concluded with customary all ranks lunch conducted at the headquarters premises on 29 March 2018.


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