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The annual conference for Liaison Officers of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force was held at the Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force in Salawa Kosgama on 12 January 2018.

The conference was presided by Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force Major General Piyal Wickramaratne.

All Liaison Officers who represent the Regiments of the Sri Lanka Army and Senior Officers of the Headquarters including Deputy Commandant, Principal Staff Officer, all branch heads and Officers attended the occasion.
The Commandant who explained the purpose of the conference to the audience stated that he had the confidence on the Liaison Officers pertaining to the duty fulfillment while outlining the work schedule to be accomplished in time to come with the active participation of them. He stated that an opportunity has been created to bring out the matters pertaining to Volunteer Battalions and their troops on administration, training and welfare while seeking for solutions through dialogues.

An interactive session was ensued among the Commandant, the heads of the Branches of HQ SLAVF and the Liaison Officers with a view to streamline matters pertaining to administrative aspects of the SLAVF.

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