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The Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force conducted a formal farewell dinner in honour of Major General Boniface Perera RWP RSP USP ndu psc the outgoing Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, at Officers’ Mess, Regiment of Sri Lanka Engineers on 30 November.

The arrival of the Chief Guest and the Lady at the Officers Mess was heralded by fanfare. They were warmly welcomed by the incoming Commandant Major General Piyal Wickramaratne and his Lady Sujeewa Wickramaratne. The evening was coloured by the attendance of senior Officers and their ladies with whom the Chief Guest shared a cheerful moment amidst the tune of the Army Band.

Having had the formal dinner and the toasts being proposed, Brigadier LF Kasthuriarachchi, the Deputy Commandant with a gesture of profound appreciation recollected the distinguished service rendered by the former Commandant to elevate the Volunteer Force.

In next to no time, it arose a felicitous moment of presenting the souvenirs. A special gift as a gesture of goodwill was presented to the spouse of the Chief Guest Mrs Renuka Perera by Mrs Sujeewa Wickramaratne during the brief presentation. In keeping with the traditions, the incoming Commandant of the Volunteer Force Major General Piyal Wickramaratne presented the souvenirs to the Chief Guest in appreciation of his services to the Volunteer Force.

The Chief Guest delivering the farewell speech, conveyed his contentment to the audience for having endowed with a right successor to shoulder the responsibility of the Volunteer Force while recollecting the memories. He further unfolded his profound sense of feelings and gratitude to the Deputy Commandant and all members for the good gesture extended towards him.

Eventually, Major General Boniface Perera RWP RSP USP ndu psc placed his signature on the Visitor’s Book leaving an inspiring and indelible chapter as Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force.

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