Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force auspiciously inaugurated the construction of its new home at a new land in Salawa Kosgama in the morning hours today (01 December 2016) under the auspicious of Major General M H S B Perera Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force kindling new hopes of its members and the generations of tomorrow.

The Cornerstone Laying Ceremony was underway amidst chanting of Seth Pirith, attended by the Deputy Commandant and senior Officers along with Officers and the Staff of the Headquarters. The proposed fully-fledged eco-friendly Headquarters complex on completion is expected to cater to the demand of the future Volunteer Force.

Following the auspicious beginning, the Commandant addressed the troops while explaining the significance of the hour of need and contribution of the members in regaining the pride of the Volunteer Force. The Commandant providing the required impetus pledged the support and cooperation of all members to witness the success of the project.

The Headquarters of the Volunteer Force which was initially established in Colombo had been functioning at Pelawaththa, Baththaramulla until it was moved to Salawa Camp premises in Kosgama in 2012. In response to the contemporary need of the Organization, the construction work of its new home was initiated by the Commandant of the Volunteer new-hq-slavf-const-2 new-hq-slavf-const-3 new-hq-slavf-const-4 new-hq-slavf-const-5 new-hq-slavf-const-6

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